The Winner's Circle

In The 2904 everyone is a winner ... eh, no.

2015 Winners

Team Great White Whale


Cannonball master Ed Bolian and crew do it in 32 hours 5 minutes. That's 46 minutes faster than the fastest time in the original, and one and only, Cannonball Run. Holy crap.

* New York to Redondo Beach

2013 Winners

Team Cleveland Steamers

36:27 *

Not to be beaten by Han Solo again, the Amish Anarchists return steaming.

* New York to Redondo Beach

2011 Winners

Team Collateral Racing Thrust


Han Solo wins. Again.

2010 Winners

Team Civil Disobedience


Han Solo came, saw, conquered.

2009 Winners

Team The A-Team


The plan came together. The 2904 record holders.

2008 Winners

Team Creative Film Cars


Driving "The General" in full military garb. Yep, they were certainly creative.

2007 Winners

Team Flying Hellfish


The first winners, and their pet Volvo.