The Winner's Circle

In The 2904 everyone is a winner ... eh, no.

2017 Winners

P71 Blackturd - 2007 Ford Crown Vic


The P71 Blackturd returns after its humiliating defeat in 2015 and crushes The 2904 route record with a time of 31:45. In 2019 Arne of the Blackturd and Doug of Team Full Monte would cash in their trust funds and go on to set the fastest Cannonball of all time with a run of 27:25 from NYC to Redondo Beach in a total Alex Roy style high tech douchemobile.

2015 Winners

Great White Whale - 2002 Mercedes-Benz S55


Cannonball master Ed Bolian and crew do it in 32 hours 5 minutes and set the Cannonball route competitive record. That's 46 minutes faster than the fastest time in the original, and one and only, Cannonball Run. Not bad for twice crashed, 12 owner car formerly owned by a dead hooker.

* New York to Redondo Beach

2013 Winners

Cleveland Steamers - 1993 Lincoln Town Car

36:27 *

The Mid-West shall rise again! Not to be beaten by Han Solo again, the Amish Anarchists return as the Cleveland Steamers. They would have been even faster if they hadn't stopped for steaks in Texas. #priorities.

* New York to Redondo Beach

2011 Winners

Collateral Racing Thrust - 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis


In a mono a mono, Cannonball vintage show down Han Solo wins. Again. We guess peeing in a funnel in the floor has its advantages. That, and having the other team run out of gas not once, not twice, but three times. Damn Jaguars!

2010 Winners

Civil Disobedience - 2001 Toyota Celica


They said it couldn't be done. But Han Solo came, saw, conquered. Imagine going coast to coast by yourself in a beat down, 300k mile Toyota Celica held together by plumbers straps and self-tapping screws. The legend of Carl "Yumi" Dietz is born.

2009 Winners

The A-Team - 1984 GMC Van


Everyone loves it when a plan comes together. Built from a rusted out van from Pittsburgh, the A-Team's legendary machine blasts across the US with two 22 gallon auxiliary tanks under its rear seat and Honky-T at the wheel. They would set a The 2904 record that would stand until 2017.

2008 Winners

Creative Film Cars - 1996 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1


After their defeat in 2007, Team Creative Film Cars returns with more horsepower and the first auxiliary tank used in The 2904. "The General" was outfitted in full military garb along with its drivers. If they hadn't had snow, rain, a ticket and accidentally driven to Chicago along the way it could have been a record run.

2007 Winners

Flying Hellfish - 1992 Volvo 740


The first The 2904 winners! What a difference 115hp makes when both of your competitors have only 90hp. What little did we know that they would be the first of eight names on The Crappy Trophy.