About The 2904

All about our drives.

In 2007, while reading Brock Yates amazing book "Cannonball!", and simultaneously reading articles on The 24 Hours of LeMons crapcan endurance racing, and reading an article about current transcontinental runs by trust fund babies with super cars, spotter planes, and scarves, a proposition was created.

Could you cross the US on a budget? Could you do it in a Craigslist special? Could you do for, say, $2904 including the car? The amount came from the distance from NYC to San Francisco ... 2904 miles. Why San Francisco? Because no one really wanted to drive all the way across the country and end up in Los Angeles.

An email was sent out to a few folks discussing the idea, and funny enough a few folks answered. Disturbingly poor cars where rounded up, and on cold morning in Brooklyn the first The 2904 took place. Surprisingly to all the participants, all the cars made it. More importantly many stories were told, and much fun was had by all. To commemorate the event, parts from the losing cars created The Crappy Trophy, and it has been passed to every winner to this day.

Thinking that would be the end of it, and the pointless point had been made, in 2008 a little British publication contacted The 2904 headquarters and asked if they could join the frey. Golly, when Top Gear calls you answer. So The 2904 set off again, in slightly better cars, and slightly better costumes.

And it has been going on ever since.